A Clear and Present Danger

A window feeder can be an effective window strike solution.

A window feeder can be an effective window strike solution.

Birds are amazing creatures. They can navigate thousand mile migrations, build intricate nests, and fill our treetops with heart lifting song. There’s one problem, though—birds just don’t understand windows. Glass is simply invisible to birds, and they don’t understand reflections. Collisions with windows on our houses and office buildings claim the lives of hundreds of millions of birds every year.

Window strikes peak during fall migration but they can happen all year long. Birds can see the reflection of the landscape on glass surfaces and sometimes they see the landscape on the other side of a building through a second window. They don’t realize there is a solid object between them and the landscape, so they crash into the glass at speeds high enough to stun, injure, and even kill them. In spring, territorial male birds can see their own reflection in the glass and attack it, believing it to be a rival. This behavior is common with robins, bluebirds, and cardinals.

Window Decals

We see the decals as faint etched images but the birds see bright glowing figures.

Making your windows safer for birds may be as easy as relocating your bird feeders and baths. You can also try breaking up the expanse of glass by installing a window feeder or some decals. We’re proud to offer some very effective new products from the American Bird Conservancy. There are so many solutions to choose from!

If you’re experiencing a problem with window collisions, please give us a call. The Duncraft Customer Service Team is ready to provide you with a variety of solutions to help eliminate window strikes at your home or office. We’re available Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm ET. You can reach us at 888-879-5095 or by email at info@duncraft.com.

Wishing you happy and safe birding!

Heidi Babb


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