Gourmet Edible Treats

Discover this new twist when feeding the birds.

Chaffinch on a branchBirds rely on the food we put outside for them because, once it gets cold out, food can be hard to find. Our no-mess homemade seed blends are specially formulated to provide high-energy ingredients to birds when they need it most. Our hard-to-find specialty blends help them recover from long, cold winter nights in no time!

Imagine sitting Buy delightful Duncraft Snowflakes in a set of 2with your family at the Thanksgiving table. In between each bite, you look up to see wild birds nibbling seed in the shapes of bells, candy canes, mittens, and wreaths. This winter, you can make the difference between birds going hungry and, not just surviving, but thriving.

Buy a homemade Traditional Bird Seed WreathOur seed wreaths and snowflakes shown here are chock full of rich, nutritious seed! Including black oil sunflower seed, milo, millet, corn, wheat, sunflower seed, peanut hearts, or sunflower heart chips–ideal for attracting a wide variety of birds! Click on each picture for more information.

Buy a Large Grapevine Star as a tree topper!Visit www.duncraft.com to browse our full selection of edible seed treats. And don’t forget to add our #1 star tree topper (shown right)! Generously sprinkled with bird seed, it will be the perfect addition to your bird seed tree. We sell out quickly, so order now.















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