Seed and Suet Feeders

Enjoy attracting beautiful birds with these feeders!

Our CEO, Mike Dunn, has been busy. He’s created four new bird feeders for backyard birders! Let’s take a look…

Eco-Strong Dual Action Hopper

Eco-Strong Dual Action Hopper

You’ll have no problem attracting birds of all kinds when you serve black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, or whole peanuts. This feeder will get twice the action because birds will eat from both sides. Songbirds cling to the stainless steel mesh sides, while cardinals and grosbeaks perch on the tray. The built-in easy flow system keeps seed fresh and accessible.

Duncraft Window Nester & Feeder

Window Nester & Feeder

This dual-purpose nester and feeder works overtime because the small shelf doubles as a nesting shelf and an open tray feeder. Some birds prefer building their nests on a shelf—they won’t use a traditional, enclosed birdhouse. Feeding tray holds suet, pellets, seed, or mealworms, while the perforated aluminum floor provides excellent air flow. Place on a quiet, eastern facing window, so the birds will enjoy the warmth in the morning and cooler temperatures in the afternoon.

Duncraft Three Woodpecker House

Three Woodpecker House

Built ideally for the Hairy, Red-bellied, and Red-headed Woodpeckers—this bird house allows any of these woodpeckers to nest in your yard, where you can watch them raise a family! Flip clip and lift front panel for a private look into the nest. Predator-proof guard protects the chicks while they grow and a sturdy metal grate ladder on the inside allows them to easily climb out.

Classic Suet Feeder

Classic Suet Feeder

Woodpeckers and other suet-loving birds will gorge on their favorite suet flavor from both sides of this feeder. They may perch their tails alongside this 12 inch tall feeder for balance. The slim design of this feeder will exceed your expectations because it holds two seed or suet cakes, apple or orange slices—or nesting material. So, you’ll have a use for it year-round!

Mike Dunn is always working on something new in the Duncraft workshop. Click on any of the pictures above for more information or to purchase as a gift. Visit to view what’s new.

All of our Duncraft brand bird feeders and houses featured here are crafted from recycled plastic, a high quality, eco-friendly material. We’re proud to say that all Duncraft brand products are made in the USA. Happy Birding!

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