SwingArm USA Hooks

SwingArm hanging hooks are the way to hang your feeders.

We’re excited! We’re now carrying the strongest hook available on the market. We’ve partnered with SwingArm USA to bring our customers the best hooks for hanging bird feeders, birdhouses, and more. Each SwingArm hook is made in the USA and comes with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty. We’ve included a couple of videos so you can see these hooks in action.

We know all too well how heavy some bird feeders can be when they’re filled with several pounds of seed. With a SwingArm hook, you won’t even notice the weight of your heaviest plants or feeders. Watch the following video to see how strong SwingArm hangers are, compared to other bird feeding hangers on the market. Shop SwingArm hangers at duncraft.com. Happy Birding!

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