SwingArm USA Products

Shop the strongest bird feeder hangers on the market at Duncraft.com

Duncraft carries a variety of SwingArm hooks, each with a different length and weight capacity. Made with pride in the USA, each hook is crafted from galvanized steel for the most support when holding your beloved birding accessories. Click on each photo for more information.

SwingArm Standard Mount

The Standard Mount hook has the longest outreach at 36 inches! Ferns will have room to untwirl their leaves and bulky feeders won’t knock against the side of the house. You don’t have to worry about running out of room! This hook comes in a Standard size and a Mini, which both hold 25 lbs.

Another SwingArm USA hook, the Mini has the shortest outreach at 19 inches and holds 35 lbs. The Mini may have a shorter extension, but it’s built to hold a heavier weight, so you can hang your heaviest feeders from this hook. Available in two sizes: the Mini and the Upright Mount, which has a 28 inch outreach and holds 25 lbs.

SwingArm Triple Hook

The triple hooks on this SwingArm are designed with the backyard birder in mind. Hang all three of your favorite feeders in one spot! This Triple Hook may be mounted from your deck railing, so you’ll have the best view possible of wild birds. Have triple the fun with the 36 inch outreach, which holds up to 25 lbs.

Crafted from rust-proof steel, the Dual Hook–like all SwingArm USA hooks–swings in easily with the push of a finger. This motion makes it easy to bring in the bracket when watering your plants or refilling your feeders.

SwingArm Original Extended Hook

Hang a plant alongside a bird feeder with the Original Extended Hook, which features  a 33 inch outreach and holds up to 25 lbs. The best part? The two hooks let you attract pollinators and birds–all at once. What a great way to observe your favorite birds and butterflies in one place. Enjoy the show!

SwingArm USA makes backyard birding even easier with hooks that swing in by the push of a finger, bringing the joy of backyard birding closer to you.


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