Air Conditioned Birdhouses

Learn why "air conditioned" birdhouses are wonderful for birds.

When you’re looking for the perfect gift for the backyard birder who lives in a warm climate, look no further. Our “air conditioned” birdhouses are here! These birdhouses are cool–okay, “air conditioned”–because the color white, by its very nature, reflects light. This means when a white birdhouse sits in direct sunlight, it also reflects the heat, keeping the inside cool.

Airflow Wren Birdhouse

This vibrant white wren house comes in a quirky diamond shape, which offers an intimate nesting space with excellent protection from the elements. Wrens and chickadees will be rocked to sleep in the breeze, letting the warm air flow through the perforated aluminum siding. The way this house is constructed offers both the protection and ventilation birds need in order to safely raise their family.

Airflow Songbird HouseChickadees and wrens will enter through the 1-1/4 inch entry hole in the Airflow Songbird House, made especially for them. The understated style of this birdhouse makes an excellent addition to any backyard. The lightweight perforated aluminum wraps around a tall nesting area to create a well-ventilated living space.


Air Conditioned Songbird HouseSimply beautiful, this Air Conditioned Songbird House features a wraparound “porch” made from rust-proof aluminum for a generous allowance of airflow. The recycled plastic we use is eco-friendly and naturally works to keep the inside cool.

Any of these birdhouses would make an excellent home for wild birds. Our “air conditioned” birdhouses featured here also make great gifts–they’re a must-have for bird lovers! All Duncraft birdhouses are made in the USA.

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