Gifts You Can’t Miss

Grapevine Globes are perfect for hanging in any backyard. Discover more gift ideas here for the bird enthusiast in your life.

A lot of companies are creating Top 10 lists and we figured we would highlight a few items that should not be overlooked as gifts this holiday season. It can be hard to shop for a birder, but we feel like these three items are fool-proof. Any birder would love these gifts! Here we’ve featured several birdhouses with nesting materials that will draw wild birds into any backyard.


Classic Airflow Birdhouse

The Classic Airflow Birdhouse comes from the mind of our CEO Mike Dunn, who is constantly creating innovative birding products. Made in the USA, right here in our New Hampshire workshop, this birdhouse is designed to provide bird families with excellent ventilation, while they raise healthy nestlings. Available in two styles.

Grapevine Globes are an all natural method to offer nesting material to the birds. Why it’s a favorite: “I have 5 labs so I constantly have an abundance of dog fur. I gently pick up the fur after brushing and stuff them into these nesting balls. The birds love it best of anything else I have put in them.”

Backyard birders — no matter their years of experience — love watching the birds in any capacity. Since the Window View House is open in the back, they can see right into the nesting area without disturbing the birds. They’ll feel like part of the family!

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