Top 10 Bird Seed Blends

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Black Oil Sunflower SeedAt Duncraft, we take bird seed seriously. As birders ourselves, we know paying for debris and fillers the birds won’t eat is wasteful. We have gone out of our way to create custom bird seed blends and field-tested them to attract a wide variety of birds. We carry only the freshest, cleanest bird seed available. There are no empty hulls in our seed. With no filler ingredients, and only seed the birds eat, your bird feeding budget lasts longer. Here are our Top 10 Bestselling Bird Seed Blends:

  1. Super No-Waste Blend
  2. Four Seasons No-Waste Seed
  3. Black Oil Sunflower Seed
  4. Whole Sunflower Hearts
  5. Shelled Peanuts
  6. Nyjer Seed
  7. Super Songbird Mix
  8. Cardinals’ Delight
  9. Super No-Waste Plus
  10. Peanut Bits & Sunflower Hearts

Super No-Waste Plus

“While these no waste blends are more expensive than traditional birdseed, they are actually a more economical option because birders are not paying for the weight of hulls or filler seeds birds will not eat,” said Melissa Mayntz, Birding/Wild Birds Expert from Happy Birding!


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