National Penguin Day

Celebrate National Penguin Day!

January 20th is National Penguin Day and these often flightless birds deserve a day where we appreciate how cute they are, as well as raise awareness for an endangered species. Global warming has added many penguin species to the endangered list. Now, more than ever, conservation is going to mean the difference in the long-term survival of penguins.

Conservation is another way to get the conversation started. Here’s an interesting quote to start, “Penguins serve as marine sentinels because the health of their populations signals changing conditions in the ocean and on land.” Who knew? The deteriorating health of penguins demonstrates how much global warming is affecting our planet.

Start the conversation by:

  • Wearing a tuxedo and saying, “It’s for Penguin Awareness Day.”
  • Placing a stuffed penguin on your desk
  • Sharing a penguin meme
  • Donating a stuffed penguin to a local charity or drop box
  • Visiting a nearby zoo and watching the penguins
  • Watching the movie Happy Feet
  • Listen to a documentary on Youtube

We hope you take a moment to appreciate penguins in all their beauty. How are you celebrating National Penguin Day? Learn more by reading this article on “Penguins of the World: Threats and Solutions.”

Spread the word–it’s National Penguin Day! 

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