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Duncraft owner Mike Dunn

Duncraft owner Mike Dunn

Did you know? Window feeders are a safe, preventative solution for window strikes. Since the feeder is within two feet of the window, birds have a better understanding of the window and its reflection, so they are a lot less likely to think they can fly through there.

Mike Dunn knows how important window feeders are to keep birds happy. Here are five new window feeders–including a Duncraft first!

4503 Duncraft Window View Breeze Feeder

Window View Breeze Feeder

Why this feeder is awesome: We want to make sure our bird feeders stay full when the weather is bad. You’ll love how the sides act as wind-resistant barriers, preventing bird seed from flying out of the tray. We use suction cups that are strong enough to withstand substantial winds, including four that secure the feeder in place. Window feeder + sides = no more flying bird seed!

4517 Twin Removable Tray Window Feeder

Twin Removable Tray Window Feeder

Why this feeder is awesome: This is our first multi-tiered window feeder with enough room for two trays of food to cater to all kinds of birds. This feeder may also be re-purposed to attract bluebirds. Simply fill with mealworms, their favorite food–they’ll feel safe eating in the enclosed area and you’ll be glad you can enjoy such a close-up view.


4362 Classic Wedge Window Feeder

Classic Wedge Window Feeder

Why this feeder is awesome: Unlike any of our other window feeders, this one invites the birds to eat closer to you than ever before. The birds will eat so close to you; you’ll feel like part of the flock. The wedge shape of this feeder encourages private access to the feeding ports, which are tucked in between the window and the hopper. Exclusive window feeder includes a FREE window film, a $9.95 value.

4410 Clearly Classic Window Hopper Feeder

Clearly Classic Window Hopper Feeder

Why this feeder is awesome: Woodpeckers will feel comfortable perching on the grooved slots of this large hopper. The slots on the front panel are designed especially for woodpeckers, so they can eat their fill of sunflower hearts with ease. Attract all kinds of birds, including woodpeckers like the Downy, Hairy, and Red-headed, where you can watch them from your favorite recliner.


4506 Bird-Safe® Classic Window Feeder

Bird-Safe® Classic Window Feeder

Why this feeder is awesome: This exclusive “TV” cutout is unlike any other window feeder because it removes the barrier between you and the birds. This particular design excels at bringing you face-to-face with the birds, making the experience much more personal. Four large suction cups secure this small feeder to the window. We know watching birds this close will put a smile on your face, bringing you great satisfaction for years.

Each of these Duncraft Exclusives comes with a 100% guarantee because we want you and your birds to be happy. Shop window feeders at Duncraft.com. Happy Birding!

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