Superstar Window Clings

Save birds' lives with window clings and make a difference.

How can you stop birds from flying into your windows? Good question. There are a lot of options out there. But you don’t want just any option, you want a superstar.

For a split second, when you put these decals on your windows it may feel like there’s a tiny man standing on your window, flailing his arms, alerting birds of the upcoming window. You think it’s preposterous. How could there be a tiny man floating in air? But he’s shouting, in a tiny voice, his hands waving so the birds can see him. Yes, the birds are turning away. It worked! and now you can’t stop smiling. The tiny man’s ridiculous, flailing arms saved the birds.

One thing from this story is true: birds need a visual cue. Meet your superstar. Psst, we think the window clings look a lot less ridiculous.

Birds' Eye View Colored Window Cling

See the indigo and sunny yellow highlights?

The colored highlights in this design are pretty with a purpose. They signal the presence of UV reflective inks with Dichroic glass effects. What does that mean?

Your birds will receive the secret signal there’s a window. Because the ink and Dichroic effect work together to emit different colors birds see when they approach.

Instead of seeing a continuation of the trees and sky, they’ll see red, blue or another color. Birds will successfully fly around the upcoming window when they see these colors.

The indigo and sunny yellow highlights also complement your scenery. How do I know? I held them up to the windows and they look good.

Each window cling is made from a translucent film, so you can still enjoy your scenery. Since I’m looking at them right now, I should mention they look a lot more see-through in person.

Plus, they have the invisible power of those awesome UV inks and the Dichroic effects we talked about for effective bird strike prevention.

You’ll love how this window cling looks on your windows. If you don’t, they’re easy to reposition.

Introduce yourself to your thank-goodness-I-don’t-have-to-keep-looking-anymore solution. These window clings are safe, effective, easy to remove and switch out for a newer design.

Now you get to pick your favorite decal and help the birds. Window strikes kill millions of birds each year. Birds need our help. Which design will you pick for your windows? Each design is available in two sizes: 4 x 4 inch for smaller windows and 6 x 6 inch for larger windows.

Remember, the birds will be safe with any window cling you choose. Do you want the window cling with sunny yellow highlights? Okay, small or large?

Or would you prefer the basic geometric window cling? In small or large? Try them for yourself or a friend.

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