Durable SwingArm Hangers

Super Strong SwingArm Hanging Arms at Duncraft.com

You enjoy the sudden flurry of bird activity every time you refill your feeder. But the feeder is hard to reach. The hanger extends two and a half feet beyond the deck, so it’s too tall and too far for you to reach without falling. Wait! Refilling your feeder can be easy.

All you need is a SwingArm. No, not swinging your arm out over the deck rail to reach the feeder. Good one, though. We mean a SwingArm hook…

Birds Eating from a Bird Feeder Hanging from an Original Extended Hook SwingArm

SwingArm hooks are sturdy and move with the touch of a finger, making it much easier to refill your bird feeder. These hooks are so easy to install, you’ll wish you knew about them years ago.

If you’re looking for a different kind of hook, check out our other SwingArms. You can choose a dual hook, like the one above, with room for a plant and a feeder to increase your bird variety. Even with a plant and a feeder, this hook is still a breeze to use.

Spend less time fiddling with your hangers and more time doing what you love. Pull and push the hanger with the touch of a finger for an easy way to refill your feeder, water your plant and get on with your day.

You’ll be glad you chose SwingArm to perform the “legwork” for you.

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