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Discover new ways to care for your home flock of chickens with Duncraft products.

Small backyard flocks of chicken and ducks are becoming more and more popular, even in urban areas. What’s not to love: great entertainment; a way to dispose of carrot peels and other kitchen scraps; and the big bonus, fresh eggs! I love my small flock and have found some fun ways to use Duncraft products in my chicken coop.

  • Mealworms and other insect foods make great chicken snacks. I use them to top-dress their hot mash in winter (I draw the line at knitting them sweaters). I also mix them in with their scratch year-round. The birds LOVE them. One of these winters I’m going to break down and buy them some live mealworms for a treat.
  • I love to hang treats in the coop for them during periods of bad weather. It keeps them busy and entertained. Sometimes I’ll just hang a cabbage or a head of lettuce for them, but other times I use a treat like our Peanut Logs or Birdola bars.4ql4vb9u
  • In the winter I hang an inexpensive suet feeder in the coop with treats like Mealworm and Sunflower Heart Pie or Black Gold Jr. Seed Cakes. I like the seed cakes because they also include grit, which my girls need during the winter. The hangers sway when the girls peck at them, and they find the movement very interesting. (After all, they are chickens.)
  • Our Bird Bath & Feeder Brush is my go-to for scrubbing roosts and nest boxes. I keep one hanging on the wall of the coop to keep it handy.ste9mtso
  • I’m also using the EZ Bluebird Feeder – I put oyster shells on one side and grit on the other. The oyster shells help them build stronger egg shells once they’re laying, and they need the grit in winter, when they don’t have easy access to dirt and gravel for their crops.
  • I haven’t tried this yet, but one customer told me she uses the Duncraft Cling-a-Wing as an outdoor layer pellet feeder for her small flock. I can imagine the Super Cling-a-Wing could be even more useful because it’s bigger.
  • Our bird water coolers works great for the hens – in fact they seem to prefer it to the old metal one!
  • My birds get really excited when I mix some of our no-waste seed blends into their regular scratch mix. According to our local extension agent, that’s a super healthy treat for the flock. In fact, she says it’s much better than the usual commercial scratch.e1avy8bp
  • Finally, our storage containers and scoops work beautifully for all of the various foods and treats I keep on hand for my flock.

If you have found interesting uses for any of our products, please share your ideas! We’d love to hear from you.

Make every day a happy bird day!

Heidi Babb

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