The Watch Tower

The New Version of the Duncraft Watch Tower Bluebird House Provides Great Protection for Your Nesting Bluebirds

Everyone loves our bluebird house, The Watch Tower. But you had some suggestions to make it even better, so we listened. Based on your feedback, we added three pivotal features. You’re the first to hear about what we changed, as an exclusive for our readers right here on the Duncraft Wild Bird Blog. By the way, thank you for the feedback. Based on your suggestions, we added an interior predator guard, higher perches toward the back and away from the entrance with easy cleanout. Now you can attract bluebirds to your backyard and keep them safe from predators. With easy cleaning between broods!

Watch bluebirds sit atop the high tower perches to stand guard and watch out for predators. The new design offers a no-fuss birdhouse to let you enjoy more time with your bluebirds. This house features some of the best protection you can get for your bluebirds because of our added features. These new features, from the predator guard to the territorial perches, help bluebirds protect their family from predators. Thank you for keeping their safety in mind. Here’s a quick visual graphic with arrows, so you can see what we changed. 

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Thanks to you, the Watch Tower house is still one of our bestselling bluebird houses. Shop the Bluebird Watch Tower House at Happy Birding!

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