Oriole Fruit and Jelly Feeder

Start attracting orioles by offering fruit.

You recognize the gourd-shaped nest hanging 40 feet in the air and you know there are orioles nearby. But how do you get them to you? Give orioles the good stuff! An oriole’s diet consists of three main food groups: fruit, insects and nectar. There’s a good chance you already have a oriole nectar feeder, so let’s focus on the other two.

The serving dish included in this feeder gives you the opportunity to fill it with any food orioles will love. However, to address their nutritious needs we would suggest using either grape jelly or insect pellets. You’ve already got the juicy oranges on your list. You may want to note, this fruit feeder can attract other desirable birds, like catbirds, mockingbirds and other fruit-lovers. The more the merrier, especially when it comes to birds.

With a wipe of a damp cloth and some vinegar, you can have this feeder clean in no time. The smooth recycled plastic comes in a beautiful pairing of two vibrant colors: orange and black for a finish to mimic the beautiful colors of orioles.

Oriole Fruit & Jelly Gazebo Feeder

Orioles can access the jelly dish from all four sides.

Your orioles won’t have to do any guesswork to figure out how to eat from this feeder. The jelly dish is centered in the middle of the feeder, so the orioles can easily access it. The wide, sturdy roof protects the fresh food from direct sunlight. This makes a big difference in how long the food stays fresh. Since the food will last longer, you can switch out the food a little less often. Fresh food makes for happy orioles.

Orioles will take pleasure in perching all over this accessible feeder. There are extra perching bars on either side of the jelly dish with room for 2-3 orioles to eat. There’s also a grooved landing platform, so orioles can easily maintain their balance while they eat. We field-tested this feeder and discovered orioles will perch on the roof to get a better view of their surroundings (and to keep an eye out for predators).

The wide roof is a huge, helpful asset because orioles can perch on it and rest for a moment. The roof is tall enough for orioles to pass through on all four sides. Easy access is an important feature for orioles to be able to eat the food they love. And its height offers you an excellent view of your feeding birds, so you can see them dip for more jelly or pick out pieces of ripe orange flesh. The view is so good, you’ll enjoy feeling closer to your birds.

Oriole Fruit & Jelly Gazebo Feeder delights your orioles with the freshest food possible.

The wide roof keeps the food fresh and out of direct sun for happier orioles.

Use ready-to-go jelly cups to fill up this feeder in a flash. Stokes makes these handy jelly cups are perfect for the bird lover on-the-go. Peel off the cover and drop into the center of this feeder. You won’t believe how easy it is! Now you’re good to go finish your errands. There’s a good chance there will be orioles nearby by the time you get back.

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You’re invested in taking care of your backyard birds and so are we. That’s why we made this feeder out of hygienic materials which helps them stay healthy and avoids spreading bacteria and parasites among your orioles.

Set up this gazebo in your own backyard and it will quickly become a beautiful, bold focal point. How appropriate, since orioles are beautiful and bold themselves. Honor your love for orioles with a durable bird feeder made from vibrant, weather-resistant materials that will stay as bright and beautiful as the day you bought it. Take our word for it.

When you put up your oriole feeder as early as February, you’re a lot more likely to attract orioles. Orioles appear to be creatures of habit and will come back to visit once they know your yard is a resource for fresh food.

However, in the meantime, orioles have been known to stay around until November. With any luck, you may be one of the fortunate bird watchers who get to enjoy them for up to 10 months out of the year. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you because these are one bird you want to have in your yard.

It’s a good idea to think ahead of schedule when it comes to attracting orioles. Get your feeder out as early as you can, so you’re ready when they are. After all, we all go to restaurants where the food is fresh and delicious, why should birds be any different? Fresh food is delicious.

Sure, it may take some practice to get your oriole feeder out before these “totally worth it” birds arrive for the year, but that’s okay. Getting a sturdy feeder is an excellent place to start. Happy Birding!

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