Best Pole-Mounted Feeders

Attract more birds with platform feeders.

Pole-mounted feeders are the best

Our 4316 Pavilion Post Feeder is one of the best pole-mounted feeders because the birds flock to it.

One of our best pole-mounted feeders.

Pole-mounted platform feeders are a bird watcher’s best kept secret. Pair your bird feeder with a baffle to effectively keep away squirrels and raccoons.

Discover which pole-mounted feeders are out there and which one will work well for you.

You’ll find your bird seed will last longer and you’ll get some much-needed peace of mind.

“When given the choice between a hanging platform feeder and a pole-mounted one, birds will always go for the pole-mounted one.”
— Heidi Babb, Duncraft Customer Service Manager

The best reasons to get a pole-mounted feeder

These types of platform feeders are very versatile and can be placed just about anywhere for your viewing pleasure.

Some folks find setting it up in front of their big picture window lets them see the birds clearly and makes their day a whole lot brighter.

Top 3 reasons to get a pole-mounted bird feeder:

  1. They can hold your heaviest bird feeders
  2. You can place wherever you want for a close-up view of your birds
  3. You can attract an wide variety of backyard birds

Here’s a useful equation: more birds = more colorful backyard!

Pole-mounted platform feeders are the best way to bring birds to your eye level for better viewing.

For convenience

Pole-mounted platform feeders are a convenient way to bring your backyard birds to your eye level for better viewing.

Let’s take a moment to consider how we’re going to refill these convenient bird feeders. Generally speaking, platform feeders on a pole stand 5′ above ground after installation. However, each feeder is going to be a little bit different.

Some feeders you can lift off of the pole, like the two post feeders above, and others you can refill right where they stand. This is where a pouring container may come in handy.

Stop stressing about squirrels

Feed the birds and squirrels with our easy to set up 4256 Eco-Strong Platform Feeder & Pole.

Okay, these are desirable birds.

No one says you have to allow squirrels and other unwanted visitors to snack on the seed you left out for your backyard birds. We say, it’s about time to start enjoying your birds. Choose one of Duncraft’s best pole-mounted bird feeders. We have one in almost every style, perfect for any backyard.

Which pole-mounted feeder will you chose?

We’ve prepared a slideshow of our 7 best Duncraft pole-mounted bird feeders, so you can easily discover which platform feeder you love.

We have everything from covered ones to completely clear ones and open platforms for squirrels to feeders with short roofs to discourage squirrels. Click on each photo to learn more.

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Happy Birding! 


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