Bird Feeder “Poles”

Learn about bird feeder poles.

A lot of people have trouble defending their bird feeders from raccoons and squirrels. Are you one of them? Stay with us because we’re taking a closer look at poles and how you can use them to keep raccoons and other critters away from your feeders for good.

The fact you googled “poles” tells us you’re ready for the next step of bird feeding. You want more bird variety and less distraction from other animals. Let us help you keep raccoons and squirrels away from your bird feeders.

Find a pole-mounted feeder for your needs

No one says you have to deal with raccoons and squirrels or other unexpected visitors. It’s time to do something about these unwanted guests. First, you need a pole-mounted bird feeder.

Will a pole-mounted feeder really help?

Of course and we’re not just saying that. Even though these critters are rather clever, there are ways to outsmart them. You can add a baffle to the pole. A lot of them clip on pretty easily or hook together, which makes for a snug fit because most poles have a 1-inch diameter. And our universal pole is called that for a reason.

This feeder happens to come with our universal pole, so you can set it up right away and leave the squirrels and ‘coons to their own devices. Set up 10’ feet away from things squirrels can jump from, including wires, roofs, buildings and trees. You’ll be glad you did.

But how do you keep the raccoons out?

Add this baffle to any pole to keep away raccoons.

The squirrel can’t get past the baffle.

Add a baffle to your pole. This makes a world of difference. If you’re looking for a squirrel-proof feeder or a feeding station, you can buy them separately or all together. This feeder gives you everything you need, except the baffle, which you can get here.

What should you look for in a pole?

A sturdy one. You’ll tend to find one-piece poles are sturdier and steadier than sectional poles. One-piece poles are great if you live in a windy area, yet sectional poles are still a good choice for the rest of us. Besides, they disassemble easily if you need to take them down lickety-split.

What’s nice about the height of this pole is that even after you stake it 12″ into the ground for stability, you still have 5′ left over. Since the average height of a woman is 5’4″ tall and the average height of a man is 5’10” tall, you’ll be able to reach it. Whew. Reach up and pour a scoop of bird seed to keep your birds satisfied and give you hours worth of bird watching.

What kind of food can you serve on a platform?

Pretty much anything. Get this, you can use multiple suet cakes, bird seed and mixes, suet nuggets or crumbles, etc. (You could put a little bit of each on the platform all at once, although that’s entirely your preference.) Platforms are so versatile, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch before now.

Here’s a handy little equation: more food variety = more bird variety

What’s so great about having a pole-mounted feeder?

Versatility. Versatility. Versatility. You can put this feeder anywhere you want. And you can enjoy your birds 100 times more since it sits about eye level.

Pair our Duncraft Double Delight Feeding Station with a raccoon baffle to keep these raccoons and squirrels away.

Clear roof keeps you and the birds happy with dry, fresh food and a better view.

The clear roof gives you an excellent view of your feeding birds. Besides, the roof is a real lifesaver by covering, and therefore protecting, your backyard birds from rain, snow and other inclement weather. And the roof keeps the seed dry. Platform feeding is easy…this one just makes it more convenient.

Pick me! Pick me!
This is the Pavilion Post Feeder

4316 Pavilion Post Feeder winter

Look! This feeder does well in winter, too.How many birds do you see?

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What do you look for in a platform feeder?
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Happy Birding!

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