Nautical-Inspired Suet Feeder

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Ahoy there, matey!

Introduce yerself to ye new bard feeder…arrgh-right, thanks for indulging arr pirate talk, but it’s time to go back to me normal speak.

Introduce yourself to our new bird feeder, the Lobster Buoy Suet Feeder.

Our owner’s legacy

Our owner Mike Dunn makes time to create new bird feeder and house designs and he greets you with a warm “Good morning!” and a smile every day when he sees you.

Already–in his 45 years at Duncraft, he’s created more than 1,000 original bird feeder designs made for all kinds of bird lovers and he makes Duncraft a better place to work.

What does Mike Dunn keep in mind?

When Mike Dunn makes new products, he always thinks of the customer first–and has for years. You can see this in our choice of materials.

We use stainless steel or rust-resistant hardware and white pine that weathers well or hygienic recycled plastic in a variety of colors that hold up well in any weather, since it’s non-porous. We want you and your birds to be happy with each product we make, which is why…

Mike also keeps these 3 things in mind:

  1. Using quality parts, so it’s ultra durable
  2. Making sure it’s as easy to clean as possible
  3. Making sure it fits a large variety of seed

NOTE: If a certain feeder can’t hold a large variety of seed, Mike makes sure the food is accessible from every possible angle, so birds can eat every bite. And they do.

Mike Dunn standing proudly next to his specially made bird feeders, several of more than 600 Duncraft Exclusives made right here in New Hampshire.

Meet Mike Dunn, bird manufacturer extraordinaire.

“We’re always working on new designs with you at the top of our mind,” said Mike Dunn. Our products are easy, fun and durable for years of satisfaction. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. “We build to please the customer.” 

Mike used to live by the beach

For 15 years, Mike and his wife owned a beach house in York beach, ME. Lobster traps and lobster buoys were a big theme up there and they often saw these in friends’ homes, decorating entryways everywhere.

Mike’s design of this Lobster Buoy Feeder offers an appreciation for his days spent living near the beach…when salt gave your hair the perfect texture to stay in place without any hair gel and it was okay to spend an evening watching the sun set over the ocean. You can get a taste of the ocean, too, by decorating your home–indoors or out–with this creatively designed bird feeder.

Get a taste of the ocean

What’s the first thing Mike does in the mornings now?

He gets up early, waters his plants outside and checks all of his bird feeders.

We have a lot of flowers at home, like geraniums and mums, and this way we can enjoy them more.

Just like Mike, whether you enjoy your birds while you’re working on your garden or you watch them from the comfort of your home, you’re bound to find something you love at

Did you know?

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Made in the capital of New Hampshire.

Duncraft Exclusives are made in Concord, New Hampshire with you and your birds in mind. Our bird feeders and bird houses are so durable, you can leave them outside and their color will stay vibrant with no fading whatsoever.

We use hygienic material, so the birds can feel cherished knowing how well they’re being taken care of. The recycled materials we use are non-porous, so there’s no way bacteria or parasites can make themselves at home…there’s nowhere for them to settle. With all of this in mind, you’ll appreciate all the thought we’ve put into each and every single product we make.

You and the birds will be happy

Mike’s really good about listening to your feedback and designing products that are easy for you to use, while functioning as a practical way to attract birds. Duncraft is the right way to get into bird feeding.

Seize the Catch of the Day

We make something for every bird lover

This creative suet feeder is a perfect way to start feeding the birds. Insert one suet cake and you’ll be ready to feed any birds who visit your yard. You can even add a baffle to protect the suet from the weather and help it last longer.

Serving suet, bird seed and water is a great way to attract even more birds to your yard. Every little bit of effort makes a big difference for the birds.

Even if you don’t end up filling the Lobster Buoy Suet Feeder with suet, it makes a great desk decoration.

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The Lobster Buoy keeps me company, while I work.

Made with in the USA.

Click ‘ere to read more about the Lobster Buoy

Happy Birding!

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