Spider Web Window Decals

Learn more about the Warning Web and your birds.

Spiders are efficient creatures

Spiders willingly repair their web when a bird or other animal ends up entrapped. Sometimes spiders will cut loose the animal and focus on re-weaving the severed strands. However, they prefer not to rebuild often.

Scientists believe certain spiders developed the stabilimenta, the white zigzag woven into their web, as a warning to alert birds and other flying creatures there’s a spider’s web ahead.

Something must be working because webs without the stabilimenta are crashed into a lot more often. Check this out:

Webs endowed with artificial equivalents of stabilimenta tended to survive intact the early morning period when birds are on the wing; unmarked webs showed a high incidence of destruction. — Spider Silk Warns Birds

The Warning Web, inspired by nature

So it makes sense this window strike solution (below) was inspired by nature to form a compelling reason for birds to stop flying into windows. Birds know better than to fly into a spider’s web because they don’t know if they’re going to be able to escape. All they know is that a spider’s web = bad news.

Droll Yankees knew what they were doing when they crafted The Warning Web, modeled after the Golden Garden Spider’s stabilimenta, also known as the Black and Yellow Spider (Argiope aurantia).

The Warning Web with an easy to see white stabilimenta in the center, warning birds there's an obstacle ahead.

The stabilimenta in the middle stops birds from repeatedly flying into your windows.

In nature, the stabilimenta prevents this from happening to birds:

Many arachnologists believe the stabilimenta serves as a warning to birds and other large animals that the web is there, thus saving the spider the trouble of repairing it when a large animal comes crashing through.
Along Came a Spider

Window decals worth their weight in gold

Droll Yankees designed these lightweight window strike solutions to mimic the ever-effective spider’s web, stabilimenta and all. The Warning Web design is familiar to birds, who have been trained by certain spiders to avoid these types of webs, which is why these window decals end up being so effective.

The fine silk lines will feel like they disappear from your windows and you’ll soon cease to see this see-through design, while the birds will continue to take heed and fly in the other direction as soon as they see this clear warning sign.

PRO TIP: You only need one decal for each regular-sized window.

As it goes with window decals, any window strike solution you choose will remain effective for continual, year-round window strike prevention.

Start saving birds’ lives

Happy Birding!


Psst…Did you know Halloween is only 32 days away? These spider web decals are spooky enough to double as Halloween decorations on all of your windows and they save birds’ lives for a win-win solution.

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  • Robin May 18, 2017 at 12:27 pm

    We have had a female cardinal peck at our kitchen window for months like clockwork beginning at about 7am each day. I’m not sure how she didn’t have brain damage, she was so regular and prolonged in her pecking. I saw the Droll Yankee Warning Web and decided to give it a try. I’m a bit cynical, so I was totally surprised that after a couple of days she quit pecking! The first few days she came to peck, but it only lasted a minute or two until finally it just stopped and she hasn’t pecked for weeks. Truly a great product that delivers results!