Warm Up with a Hot Drink

Hot drinks to enjoy while watching the birds.

3 Hot Drinks to Warm You Up This Winter, After Spending Time Outdoors Filling Your Bird Feeders

In New England, the sun has been setting around 4 PM. Even on sunny days, the temperatures are around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. And at night, the temperatures drop to below freezing. Now is the perfect time to turn toward popular recipes and the comforts of home to warm you up. There’s nothing like a hot drink in your hand, as coffee lovers know!

We’ve gathered a list of three favorite comfort drinks, besides coffee, for your enjoyment this season. Each recipe is rated five-stars, so you know the recipe is worth trying. Whether you make each drink during the day or night, you’re in for a treat. Each recipe is handpicked for you.

Find links to the recipes for Hot Apple Cider, Hot Buttered Rum and Hot Toddy, below. Enjoy watching the birds, while you’re warm and cozy indoors! The first recipe for cider is great for the whole family, while the other two recipes are for adult enjoyment only. Here are the recipes:

Hot Apple Cider recipe

Here’s a recipe for the best hot apple cider available. Ready within 15 minutes, this will become your new favorite go-to drink all season long. Serves six.

Hot Buttered Rum recipe

This hot buttered rum cocktail warms you right up on a crisp New England evening. Indulge in this 5-star cocktail from Emeril Lagasse himself.

Hot Toddy recipe

Hot Toddies are often suggested to help adults get over off a cold. If you’re out of cough syrup and not feeling well, you know what to do. Enjoy sipping your hot drink on this cold winter’s night. Take care and feel better soon. Happy Birding!

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