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Shop and attract more birds. Use Live Chat if you have any questions.

When a customer is on a website with credit card in hand, sometimes a simple, unanswered question can frustrate the customer and prevent a sale. Live Chat can help a company answer questions instantly and quickly solve problems—faster than a phone call.

Always trying to positively engage customers, Duncraft recently introduced Live Chat to its web pages. Live Chat might be common on a technical site where a myriad of questions is inevitable, but is it necessary on a website that sells wild birding products? Absolutely! Customers want help deciding which baffle they should buy to keep squirrels off their bird feeders. They want to know what feeders will attract which birds and what bird seed they should use. They might need help navigating the website or finding a specific product.

Live Chat also gives Duncraft an opportunity to suggest and sell other products that will make the customer’s purchase even more useful and enjoyable. Here is where Live Chat really shines. Most helpful is a feature that lets the operator provide hyperlinks to the customer so they can easily click to products that may interest them. You can’t do that on the phone! Another feature lets the operator see and click to a product the customer is viewing, so both the operator and customer are literally “on the same page”—navigating the website is easy and fast for both parties. When customers easily get answers to their questions and instant help with decisions, the next logical step is checkout!

Live Chat can also help customers having problems with their order. They may have entered the wrong zip code or address, typed in the wrong product number or want to add items to an order. Sometimes customers forget to enter promotion codes. Being able to make corrections instantly and on-the-spot is very reassuring to the customer. And making corrections before the order is sent to shipping saves a lot of time for Duncraft—time spent retrieving incorrect orders, then correcting, reprinting and re-picking them. The faster issues are resolved, the faster customers receive their orders.

Incorporating Live Chat into Duncraft’s repertoire of communication tools has definitely been an effective, useful and positive experience both for Duncraft and Duncraft customers. Shop and attract more birds. Happy Birding!

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