Airplane Bird Feeder

Here's a fun way to feed the birds!

Vrooom! Soar into the wonderful world of backyard birding with Duncraft’s new, field-tested Airplane Suet Log Feeder. As you can see, this Downy Woodpecker couldn’t wait to dip his beak into some fresh suet for the nutrition he needs to fly from place to place day after day. Suet is an important nutritional source for birds year-round, especially in the winter when food sources are scarce. As you may have noticed, we cut the suet log into three pieces and wiggled them into the holes for a perfect fit, where birds can access the suet from both sides.

This festive, interactive suet feeder lets the whole family enjoy the combination of fun and function, while sharing the joy of backyard birding. The slim, streamlined airplane model is based off of several different plane designs and ensures the greatest amount of perching room to accommodate many different birds. You can have children get involved by having them cut the suet logs, with supervision, of course. This is a great way to make bird feeding more interactive and allows children to get involved in the process of bird feeding, giving them a chance to understand the bigger picture of nature.

The hanger comes already installed and balanced perfectly at the plane’s fulcrum, so the nose points up and “ready for take off” (or ready to feed the birds, if you will) just like a regular airplane. Carved out perches are built into both wings near the front, offering birds a place to rest and eat or wait in line while other birds finish eating.

PRO TIP: Keep your hands clean and suet-free! Here’s a tip from the creator of this fun, dynamic feeder and owner of Duncraft, Mike Dunn: handle the suet logs with plastic garbage bags. This keeps your hands entirely clean, while making it much more convenient to refill this feeder. Ta-da! Your feeder is full of suet and ready for the birds, while you still have clean hands. Now that’s a good suggestion. Thanks, Mike!

Duncraft's brand new Airplane Suet Feeder attracts woodpeckers, finches and many other birds.You can easily hang a Nyjer stocking underneath the belly of the airplane and attract an assortment of finches, including the New Hampshire state bird, the Purple Finch, and many beautiful goldfinches. See the hook under the belly of the plane? This is where you can hang an extra feeder or Nyjer stocking. Who doesn’t love brightly colored birds in their backyard? We all do.

Birds in our backyard keep us company more than we realize. By offering a modest amount of suet at a time, you can almost guarantee the suet’s going to be fresh for any birds who drop by. Fresh food is the goal. When it comes to feeding the birds, serve fresh food every few days to keep the birds coming back. Birds become regular visitors in your yard when they realize you offer fresh food and they will come to rely on you and the high-energy food you serve.

Suet attracts many different birds, including chickadees, jays, nuthatches, titmice, wrens and all woodpeckers. Get young ones or someone young at heart into bird feeding with a fun, fire engine red bird feeder designed to make warm memories they can reminisce about for generations. What do you think? Can you imagine giving this easy to clean airplane feeder as a gift to your loved ones? For a limited time, this bird feeder comes with a free package of suet logs so you can start enjoying the birds. Happy Birding!

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