Our Satellites Attract Birds

Attract birds instead of non-native birds.

When it comes to feeding birds in your own backyard, you want the experience to be as pleasurable and as easy as possible. That’s where this dynamic duo makes your life easier and it’s all thanks to Duncraft’s wildly popular Satellite Bird Feeders. These feeders spin a little bit every time a bird flies away with an alluring black oil seed in its beak. What fun!

Use the clear Satellite Bird Feeders to attract chickadees, finches, nuthatches, titmice and even small woodpeckers to your backyard with the allure of black oil sunflower seed. You’ll soon become a backyard bird feeding champion by feeding the birds when food is scarce and by offering them shelter from the harsh winds. Shop duncraft.com for our Satellite feeders and bird seed. Happy Birding!

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