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Learn more about amazing Blue Jays.

The other day I was talking to my coworker about Blue Jays and it turns out his brother-in-law attracts a lot of different birds to his yard. And he also seems to live in the perfect place with an open yard and trees leading down to a river, so the birds have food and water all in one place. Since our conversation, I started researching Blue Jays to see what I could learn and I’ve included the most interesting information here.

Here’s the tricky thing about Blue Jays: they’re charismatic birds with stunning colors of blue, white and black. While these birds are known to make a dominant appearance at bird feeders, their vocal presence also comforts other birds because they’re the first to announce a strange visitor in nature. This applies equally to predators, like hawks or to humans like us, hoping to snap a few bird photos.

To give you a better idea of how much other birds rely on Blue Jays, imagine someone with a loud, booming voice. Have you ever heard them use their voice to get people’s attention or silence a noisy crowd? In nature, Blue Jays are the equivalent of this person with the bird calls to match! Next time you walk in the woods, listen closely. You may hear this bird call:

Click here to listen to the Blue Jay’s call

You may walk for a few minutes, hear a Blue Jay and then…silence. In these moments, the Blue Jay is silencing the birds nearby, letting them know there’s a stranger in their midst and reminding them to remain on the lookout. Happy Birding!

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