Birds Need High-Energy Food

Birds love our homemade snack crumbles!

Help Feed the Birds This Winter with High-Energy Crumbles

Attract a Wide Variety of Birds to Your Yard with Duncraft’s Wholesome Crumbles

CONCORD, N.H., Feb. 2, 2016 /Duncraft’s Wild Bird Blog/ — When we think of feeding the birds in our backyard, we think of seed, suet and…Crumbles? Duncraft’s exclusive Crumbles offer a successful, field-tested method to feed the birds and give them the energy they need to survive harsh winter winds and cold weather.

Filled with a mix of birds’ favorite foods, Duncraft’s Crumbles include everything from apples to insects, cornmeal and more. Perfect for feeding birds year-round, especially when natural food resources become scarce, these Crumbles retain their nutritious value in every season. Serve the Bluebird Four Season Feast near a birdhouse during breeding season to encourage adults to keep their nestlings fed, while staying close to the nest. Made on demand in small batches, these mouthwatering Crumbles remain as fresh as possible to satisfy hungry birds.

When asked about his inspiration for making Crumbles, Duncraft owner Mike Dunn recalled a woman living in California, who “contacted us because she’d been having so much luck attracting bluebirds with this [Crumbles] recipe. She had experienced so much luck she wanted to share the recipe with others, so they could share the same success!”

Duncraft has since expanded the recipe to attract greater bird variety, including bluebirds. What other birds eat Crumbles? Attract a variety of fruit- and insect-eating birds with these three different flavors of Crumbles: Amazing Insect Crumble, Cran-Apple Crumble and Bluebird Four Season Feast Crumble.

Amazing Insect Crumble uses mealworms to attract insect-loving birds, like catbirds and robins to your yard. While the Cran-Apple Crumble attracts bluebirds, buntings, cardinals, tanagers, waxwings and woodpeckers with cranberries and apple. You can attract even greater bird variety with the Bluebird Four Season Feast Crumble with blueberries and more for bluebirds, buntings, orioles, tanagers, woodpeckers and other fruit-eating birds.

What’s the greatest benefit for using these Crumbles to attract birds? Dunn recognized, “Birds get more energy from the little grains and oils in our Crumbles, which are made from bite-sized calories,” which are easy for both adult birds and fledglings to digest.

Duncraft Crumbles are the most economical way to attract a wide variety of birds to your backyard. Spoon a little Crumble on your platform feeder and enjoy the birds! Invite a beautiful flash of color to your yard this winter and search for “Crumbles” on


About Duncraft

In 1952, Duncraft, based in Concord, NH, became a leader in the backyard bird feeding industry with the first Flight Deck Windowsill Feeding Station, an innovative bird feeder at the time. Today, Duncraft manufactures more than 600 original bird feeders and houses, designed for intermediate to expert bird enthusiasts. With the largest selection of bird feeding solutions online, Duncraft connects you with the products you need to succeed when you feed the birds. Duncraft specializes in making eco-friendly and long-lasting bird feeders and houses. Browse the largest online selection of bird feeding supplies at Duncraft: Bird-delicious and mouthwatering Crumbles are only available at Duncraft.

SOURCE Duncraft | Wild Bird Superstore

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