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Seed blocks make your bird feeding budget last longer.

How Seed Blocks Can Attract More Wildlife to Your Yard, While Keeping Squirrels Away from Your Bird Feeders and Providing You with a Cleaner Lawn

CONCORD, N.H. — Duncraft Wild Bird Blog — Made from generous amounts of premium bird seed, our solid seed blocks bring nature to you by attracting a wide variety of birds and other wildlife to your yard. You can attract cardinals, chickadees, finches, juncos, titmice and woodpeckers, while keeping doves, jays, chipmunks and squirrels away from your other bird feeders.

Even if you’ve never used seed blocks before, you can place one on the edge of your yard, like Duncraft customer Jan P. did — and look forward to your surprise visitors. “The next morning I was delighted to see a large flock of wild turkeys surrounding the block and eating to their hearts’ content!” Jan shared with us. “What a sight! Now they are frequent visitors to my yard.”

Create frequent visitors of all kinds with convenient seed blocks. Establish separate feeding areas to distract any unwelcome guests from your bird feeders, including squirrels, raccoons and deer. By offering these guests their own feeder, you’re distracting them in order to reduce waste at your existing feeders while creating a safe haven for smaller songbirds. Locate your seed block several feet away from your feeders or place in separate corners of your yard. Seed blocks can help you keep any mischievous visitors at bay, so you can control how much seed is used — without risking any damage to your existing bird feeders. So you can enjoy watching the birds you love!

Make the most of your bird feeding budget by using our hearty seed blocks, which can last for weeks at a time — without having to spend another dime. While seed blocks take longer to finish, the process is more enjoyable because you get to watch birds chip off the seeds they want a little at a time. Safe for birds and critters to eat, the gelatin — or edible “glue” used in seed blocks — helps maintain their shape as the seed gets eaten bit by bit, keeping the seed off your lawn. Place the seed block under a bush to provide hungry songbirds extra protection from hawks scouring the area.

Our seed blocks are available in five delicious flavors: Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Very Berry, Premium, Critter Block and Wildlife Snack. Our blocks are made in the USA from the finest and freshest possible ingredients, since we give the A-okay on every single shipment of bird seed we receive and send it back if it doesn’t meet our standards. Find our bird seed block ingredients online. Place bird seed blocks on a platform feeder to attract clinging and perching birds. Choose from our ground seed block feeder or our hanging seed block feeder, safe from the reach of ground predators. Happy Birding!

— Written by Dawn Coutu

SOURCE Duncraft | Wild Bird Superstore

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