Watch Your Birds Bathe

Our Clear Birdbath with Post attracts more birds and greater bird variety to your yard.

Enjoy Watching Your Birds Bathe, Dip, Play and Preen in a See-Through and Easy to Maintain Birdbath You Can Place Anywhere in Your Yard

CONCORD, N.H. — Duncraft Wild Bird Blog — Our pole-mounted Clear Birdbath with Post is the most practical way to keep your birdbath clean and keep your birds coming back. So easy to clean, you can wipe the basin right where it stands without taking the bath apart. Place near your patio, in your garden or beside a flower patch to make your yard more bird-friendly and attract robins, and other birds that won’t often visit feeders, for more bird variety.

“Like all animals, birds need water to survive,” according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. “Though they can extract some moisture from their food, most birds drink water every day. Birds also use water for bathing, to clean their feathers and remove parasites. After splashing around in a bath for a few minutes, a bird usually perches in a sunny spot and fluffs its feathers out to dry. Then it carefully preens each feather, adding a protective coating of oil secreted by a gland at the base of its tail.” Birds preen their feathers on a regular basis to make sure they can fly away from predators at a moment’s notice with a greater chance for survival.

Perfect for attracting smaller, colorful songbirds, our Clear Birdbath with Post has a narrow lip for perching and a two inch deep basin — an ideal depth for bathing birds and preferred by most small songbirds. Easy to install, this low maintenance bath includes a two-piece sectional pole that stands 36 inches tall before being inserted six inches into the ground with a flanged pole end for greater stability in almost any soil. Made in the USA with a basin made from one solid piece of clearview plastic for better bird watching season after season. The bathing basin measures 16 inches in diameter with plenty of room for smaller birds to play and preen, while the rubber grommet creates a watertight seal.

“The best birdbaths are designed with the birds in mind,” said Melissa Mayntz, the Birding and Wild Birds Expert on While “a narrow lip is a more comfortable perch for small birds,” Melissa continued, “the height of the birdbath is critical for which birds will readily drink from it. Smaller birds are comfortable at taller baths that give them a better field of view.”

Perfect for helping you relax on a warm summer’s day, “The clear plastic bowl looks great from the side when the breeze moves the water,” wrote customer Paul from Swansea, MA. Unlike other birdbaths, our see-through plastic bath lets you see how much fun the birds are having as they bathe, play and preen — with great bird watching from any angle. Find our Clear Birdbath with Post on

“Water is the driving force in nature.” — Leonardo da Vinci

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