Your Masterpiece Station

Our durable bird feeder hanging station is built to last.

Hang Your Bird Feeders in One Location for Easy Bird Feeding Maintenance with Our 84 Inch Tall Masterpiece 4 Arm Bird Feeding Station and Enjoy Watching More Birds Feed Because Squirrels Can’t Reach Your Feeders

CONCORD, N.H. — Duncraft Wild Bird Blog — When you’re looking for a new bird feeding station, there are several factors you want to keep in mind, including how many bird feeders you can hang from the pole and what kind of hardware is necessary for installation. With you in mind, our Masterpiece Squirrel-Proof 4 Arm 84” Station can hold four feeders at one time, raising them a mighty 84 inches above the ground, so squirrels can’t jump up to reach the feeders. When choosing a bird feeding station, the taller the pole, the better.

A bird feeding station enables you to attract more birds to one spot with more room for feeders, waterers, plants and more — without taking up extra space elsewhere in your yard. The Masterpiece Station we’re discussing here gives you room to display your four heaviest feeders, up to 12 inches in diameter, in any weather with a capacity between 10 to 20 lbs. per arm. This means you can hang up to 80 lbs. of feeders from one feeding station — and that’s pretty impressive. You’re going to like how the ends of all four hangers are upturned to keep the feeders in place, even during windy weather. This system offers four hanging brackets from a single base, allowing you to consolidate your feeders in one place for easy maintenance.

This bird feeding station is “extremely squirrel-resistant,” according to Shelby Dunn-Kimball, Duncraft’s chief marketing officer, who feeds the birds and has owned this pole for years. Made from one solid piece of PVC with nothing for squirrels to grab onto, she added, “Squirrels simply can’t get up the pole.” The beige colored PVC pole requires zero maintenance, since the color lasts for years without needing to be sanded, painted or stained and the cap on top keeps out water for longer-lasting durability.

Since the arms are located at the same height on the pole, you can see all your birding activity in one glance from the comfort of your home. By placing this bird feeding station 10 to 12 feet away from any building, fence, tree or anything else a squirrel can jump from, you can stop squirrels from raiding your feeders. Make sure there are no overhanging trees or branches nearby, so squirrels can’t access the feeder from above.

Built to last, this Masterpiece feeding station includes a metal 4 x 4 inch ground socket for firmly mounting the post in any soil, so it can be installed within minutes. Even with several feet of snow on the ground, squirrels are going to have a difficult time scrambling up this 84 inch tall pole. Since this feeding station comes with a separate ground auger, the pole itself stands 84 inches above the ground. While the height of this station is only one of its greatest features, in addition to its super duper durability, you’re going to enjoy greater squirrel-resistance in any weather for years of bird watching enjoyment. For more details on our practical Duncraft Masterpiece Squirrel-Proof 4 Arm 84” Station, visit In the meantime, Happy Birding!

— Written by Dawn Coutu

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