Hummeze Feeder Cleaner

Using Hummeze is a breeze for quick, clean hummingbird feeders!

Discover Hummeze, an Eco-friendly Way to Remove Caked on Dirt and Black Mold from Any Hummingbird Feeder Without Scrubbing, Brushes or Bleach — So You Can Enjoy Hummingbird Feeders as Clear as the Bright Blue Sky

In the amount of time it takes to make a new batch of nectar and let it cool, you can clean and sanitize your hummingbird feeders without scrubbing, brushes or bleach. Sound too good to be true? Because Hummeze Colormetric Hummingbird Feeder Cleaner uses the power of oxygen to clean and sanitize every part of your feeder, while using a fun colormetric formula that changes the water from purple to clear once the feeders are clean. Using Hummeze (pronounced HUMM-eez) is a breeze because the dissolving powder mixed with hot water removes any kind of grime from hard-to-reach areas on your feeder.

“Hummeze is the perfect ‘solution’,” according to enthusiastic customers, because it’s “the easiest and most thorough way to clean our feeders. Bubbles its way to CLEAN. No more mold, little brushes or bleach. Hummeze is also unscented…a huge plus for us!!! Thank you!” Plus, “It’s Humm-ezy. And fun!” says customer Cooper P.

Instead of cleaning your hummingbird feeders with bleach, Hummeze is an eco-friendly alternative made without any harsh chemicals. Suitable for repeated use, this gentle formula will not cause any wear and tear or discolor your feeders and leaves them looking like brand new every time. After soaking your feeders in Hummeze and hot water, your feeders are sparkling clean and ready to hang outdoors again. Since Hummeze is unscented, it’s perfect for use in any household. Safe to use with glass, metal and plastic hummingbird feeders.

Where did the idea for this water soluble hummingbird feeder cleaner come from? According to co-creator Rebecca Evanko, of Peralta, New Mexico, “My grandfather was a chemist by occupation and a potter by trade. And, although he made beautiful ceramics — some of which have ended up in private collections and museums all over the world — his first love was chemistry, particularly glazes. Sometimes he let me throw a pot on the wheel, and then choose a glaze for my inevitably wobbly pot that resulted. My favorite was a vivid pink/purple.

Skip forward quite a few years and, along with my husband, I’m standing in our kitchen with a bucketful of hummingbird feeders that desperately need cleaning. We use the typical cleaning resources: brushes, bleach, vinegar, rice, dishwashing liquid — and lots of time and elbow grease.

We had one thought: there’s got to be a better way.

And there was!

Hummeze hummingbird feeder cleaner, Evanko added, “is the simple, safe, easy, and quick way to clean your hummingbird feeders […] without the need for scrubbing, brushes, or harsh chemicals.” Making Hummeze a great choice for cleaning your nectar feeders with a complete, “feel good” clean that’s easy for you and good for your hummingbirds. The perfect gift for anyone with a hummingbird feeder. An absolute must-have for anyone with hummingbird feeders, especially if your current feeders are not dishwasher safe! 

Now it’s easy to clean your hummingbird feeder without scrubbing, brushes or bleach. Shop Hummeze hummingbird feeder cleaner at If you love hummingbirds, you’ll love Hummeze! Hummeze is easy to use. Here’s a video, so you can see for yourself. Happy Birding!

Written by Dawn Coutu

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