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Donate to the Open Door Community Kitchen at Duncraft!

CONCORD, N.H. — Duncraft, a family-owned business located in Concord, provides hunger relief within the immediate community by donating to the Open Door Community Kitchen in Penacook. An independent, local non-profit organization, the Open Door provides hot meals to those in need, while providing between 2,400 to 2,700 meals per year and operating “on a donation budget of $2,000,” according to Mike Dunn, owner of Duncraft and server at the Open Door Community Kitchen.

“The Open Door Community Kitchen serves free hot and nutritious meals every Monday and Wednesday,” according to the Open Door Community Kitchen’s webpage. “Approximately 200 to 225 meals are served each month. Anyone who comes to the door is welcome – without question or qualification.”

To satisfy an immediate need, the Open Door Community Kitchen recently received a $4,800 matching grant from the Capital City Sunrise Rotary Club, as awarded by the District Rotary. While this grant addresses several existing needs, including a new dishwasher and a hot water system, ongoing donations are still needed to provide hot meals several times a week all year long.

“When [local residents] may not have enough money for food,” said Dunn, “they can come to the Open Door Community Kitchen for a hot meal and take a little bit home with them to make sure they have lunch for the next day.” Dunn added, “There’s a table set up with still good, day old bread and other items donated by local businesses.” As the Sargeant-at-Arms at the Capital City Sunrise Rotary Club in Concord, Dunn and fellow Club members provide and serve the meal on the third Wednesday of every month. Dunn added, “A lot of the meals are provided by the servers,” which demonstrates an ongoing need to supply hot meals.

Since July of 2016, Duncraft has raised $400 through the collection jar in their retail store, not including the company’s semi-annual donation. Duncraft needs your help to reach their goal of donating $120 every month for the Open Door Community Kitchen to provide for local residents, including “family and friends who are doing what they can to make things work, yet still can’t make ends meet,” said Dunn. To donate, please visit the Duncraft retail store, located at 102 Fisherville Road in Concord, N.H. 03303. Add your loose change, or even a dollar or more, to the collection jar because 100% of the proceeds benefit the Open Door Community Kitchen. “So they can serve more hot meals to more people,” Dunn said. Every little bit helps. For more information, visit the Open Door Community Kitchen’s webpage.

SOURCE Duncraft | Wild Bird Superstore

Written by Dawn Coutu

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