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4691 4-Sided Free-Flowing Duncraft Hopper Feeder

What’s the most common reason for getting a hopper feeder? To get more birds, of course! Hopper feeders come in a variety of styles and offer the every day convenience of fewer refills. While your birds are enjoying the seed, you can enjoy greater bird variety because the wide feeding trays offer more room for perching birds, like cardinals and grosbeaks. Even nuthatches, finches and titmice can find a spot at this hopper feeder because there’s easy feeding available around all four sides. 

Duncraft bird feeders last a long time because we pair expert craftsmanship with extreme durability. Made from durable recycled plastic, our new hopper feeders are available in our most popular colors: brown and tan or classic brown and green. Each of these new hopper feeders includes clearview plastic side panels on all four sides, so you can quickly monitor the seed levels from your house. Perfect for feeding your birds day in and day out, the overhanging roof on these new Duncraft hopper feeders shelter your feeding birds from the weather, even if it’s downpouring. So you can enjoy watching your feathered friends in any weather.

Announcing the two newest Duncraft hopper feeders:

  • 4-Sided Classic Hopper Feeder, Item #4690
  • 4-Sided Free-Flowing Hopper Feeder, Item #4691

These two new hopper feeders are perfect for serving sunflower seed, safflower seed or seed mixes with nuts and dried fruit. Offer a variety of seed to attract a variety of birds! And keep in mind, it’s better to have a hopper feeder that’s easy to clean, especially if you can slide out one of the side panels. You’re in luck because the two new Duncraft hopper feeders feature an easy to clean design. So you can lift up one side of the roof to slide out a side panel for easy cleaning. It’s worth noting the feeder in the image above is one of our new designs!

Available in the ever-popular brown and green, the Classic comes with a five pound capacity. While the Free-Flowing Hopper (as shown above) features neutral tones to complement any backyard landscape with a seven pound capacity for fewer refills. We’ve even upgraded these hangers to a sturdy metal hanging chain, so your feeder can hang strong outdoors all year long. Enjoy watching more birds at your feeder and learn more about the Classic Hopper on Duncraft.com. Or discover the simple joy of feeding the birds with fewer refills with our new Free-Flowing Hopper on Duncraft.com. Attracting more birds to your backyard just got easier.

“My favorite weather is bird-chirping weather.” — Loire Hartwould

Happy Birding!

Written by Dawn Coutu

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