Discover the Magic of Blue Jays

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While talking with my coworker about Blue Jays, I became curious about these fascinating birds. Blue Jays are infamous for their noticeable presence at bird feeders, so I looked into how to draw Blue Jays away from your feeders. This is what I learned.

You can attract Blue Jays with eggshells. My coworker Nancy has a compost pile in her backyard where she has seen Blue Jays repeatedly picking up bits of eggshell, and even apple peels. Blue Jays love eating fruit, even orange peels. And shelled or whole peanuts. You can have a lot of fun watching Blue Jays fly off with the whole peanut in their bill! Similar to the photo above. Here’s the bottom line: Consider starting a compost pile in your backyard. Then recycle fruit, vegetable peels and eggshells. Watch Blue Jays visit your compost pile for a snack, instead of your feeders.

No desire to watch Blue Jays in your backyard? As long as you have a feeder with a cage and no perch, Blue Jays won’t linger around your feeder. For a specific feeder to keep them away, consider the Duncraft Squirrel-Proof Selective. With no perches and wire caging, the jays can’t reach the seed. Or choose a whole peanut wreath to distract the Blue Jays. And enjoy hours of entertainment. Happy Birding!

Written by Dawn Coutu

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