Attract Bluebirds Within 24 Hours

Bluebirds feeding from the Duncraft Clearview Bluebird Feeder 4264 via

Pair of Bluebirds at Duncraft Clearview Bluebird Feeder Photo by Jeffrey RutterWhile admiring the customer photos on our Facebook wall, we came across one from Duncraft Customer Jeffrey Rutter, who recently started feeding the bluebirds. Turns out, he attracted bluebirds to his new mealworm feeder within 24 hours! The photo to the right shows a pair of bluebirds, perched on top of his mealworm feeder. Where are the mealworms? Gone. Click on the photo to view in greater detail.

In Jeffrey Rutter’s own words, “I received your Clearview Bluebird Feeder (item 4264) yesterday. Less than 24 hours later I have two bluebirds eating me out of house and home! Thank you!” When asked if we could share his bird feeding success story on our Wild Blog Blog, Jeffrey replied, “I love that feeder. It’s the first/only bluebird meal worm feeder that I have owned and I cannot imagine that another one would be so perfect for me!”

Learn more about the 4264 Clearview Bluebird Feeder on Photo credit by Jeffrey Rutter. Thank you for sharing the joy of bluebirds with us, Jeffrey! Take care.

Happy Birding!

Written by Dawn Coutu

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