Kelly Baker’s Own Flicker

Flicker at Suet Feeder by Kelly Baker

When we saw this large, polka dotted bird on our Facebook wall, we did a double take. Turns out, Duncraft Customer Kelly Baker has been busy attracting Flickers to her windows. Northern Flickers are a type of woodpecker and are the only ones known to scavenge on the ground for their next meal of insects. As you can see in the photo featured above, these birds also eat suet. Woodpeckers are fun to watch at the feeder because they can easily feed upside down like this.

“Flickers are one of my favorite birds to see at the feeder,” Kelly said. “And occasionally I’ll have four feeding at various feeders at the same time! What a treat!” Birds can take a while to discover or adjust to a new feeder, so with a little patience you can attract new birds to your feeder. Kelly added, “The Sheltered Window Suet Feeder is still a favorite in my back yard. I’ve had it for two years and this is the first winter that the Flickers took to it.”

Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the birds you see at your feeder. Learn more about the Sheltered Window Suet Feeder on Photo credit by Kelly Baker. Thank you for sharing the joy of woodpeckers with us, Kelly, we appreciate it. Happy Birding!

Written by Dawn Coutu

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