4,000 Wreaths Donated

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Family-Owned Duncraft.com Donates 4,000 Popular Bird Seed Wreaths to Benefit Local Charities

With the holidays approaching, Duncraft owner Mike Dunn has gotten into the giving spirit by donating 4,000 handmade bird seed wreaths to support our district’s Rotary Club annual fundraiser. “By donating these wreaths and eliminating any upfront costs,” said Dunn, “we create and donate $60,000 back into the community.”

“With other fundraisers, you have to buy tickets and go to a fancy dinner—but who has $100 to spare? This program is easy,” said Dunn. “The wreaths are donated by Duncraft with no overhead costs. The wreaths are a great product at a great price, and only $15 each, so it’s a win-win-win situation.” 100% of the proceeds are split 50/50 supporting year-round programs for the Capital City Sunrise Rotary Club and their participating partners.

Each wreath is made fresh on-demand and feeds the birds in your backyard. When the wreath is gone, birds use the leftover materials to line their nests in the spring. The owner of Duncraft, Mike Dunn has been a member of Rotary Club since 1977. Support your local charities with a bird seed wreath of your own. Share the joy of birds and visit Duncraft at 102 Fisherville Road.

View the Rotary Club Bird Seed Wreath Fundraiser Poster for more information.

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