Homemade Bird Bread

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We’ve all heard that birds aren’t supposed to eat bread, but it’s different when you make it from scratch with bird seed and other nutrient-rich ingredients. There’s a difference between the bread we make for ourselves with protein-rich flour, yeast and added sugars to make the loaf rise and the bread we make for the birds. The bird bread will look more like a suet cake, than the bread we’re used to. And that’s okay.

“Your bird is much smaller than you are so the preservatives, sugar, salt and chemicals in people foods like this are too much for them,” wrote Michelle “Elle” Magnon, author of the The Happy Cockatoo website. “Did you know that you can still make fresh homemade bread for your birds and make it a healthy meal or snack? It’s easy and inexpensive to make, and is so much more nutritious when it’s homemade!”

Visit The Happy Cockatoo website for the Homemade Bird Bread recipe. And have fun feeding your birds a delicious, high-energy snack that’s good for them, too. Happy Birding!

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