10 Gifts for Bird Lovers

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Our 10 Top Selling Practical Bird Products for the Holiday Season

With the temperatures dropping and natural food sources becoming scarce, we’re preparing our backyards to attract birds this winter. Once temps reach below freezing, your feathered friends need food, water and shelter. Even when most water is frozen over, water is essential for birds in freezing temperatures. Birds get thirsty, like we do! Except they won’t have the convenience of tap water to drink. Heated birdbaths provide your birds with water for drinking and preening. By keeping their feathers in good condition, birds can quickly escape their predators. Plus, healthy and well-preened feathers are used as insulation when the weather turns frigid and windy. When you see birds with their feathers puffed up and outthey’re trying to stay warm! One way you can help is by providing a roosting house, where birds huddle together and share body heat for warmth.

We’ve included a list, below, of our Top 10 Top Selling Bird Feeding Products for this holiday season. This list includes customer favorites, including bird feeding stations to keep the squirrels away, our Convertible Roost House, which doubles as a nesting box in the spring, and several of our most popular heated birdbaths. Proven time and again in hundreds of backyards across the country, each of these products made the list because our customers love them. When you’re deciding what to give the bird enthusiast in your life, consider our Top 10 list, immediately below. Now here are our top selling products for you this holiday season:

  1.   Squirrel Stopper System
  2.   Squirrel Stopper Shenandoah
  3.   Squirrel Buster Plus
  4.   Duncraft Convertible Roost House
  5.   Duncraft Super No-Waste Blend Bird Seed
  6.   Heated Ground Bath
  7.   All-Seasons Heated Deck Bath
  8.   Absolute II Bird Feeder
  9.   All-Weather Nyjer Tube
  10.   All-Seasons Heated Bath

This is the time of year when birds need our help the most. Provide food, water and shelter for your birds. And see what a difference it makes when attracting birds this spring. Shop duncraft.com to find these popular bird feeding gifts. Perfect for any bird enthusiast! Share the joy of birds this holiday season. Happy Birding!

Written by Dawn Coutu

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