Bird-Safe® Bluebird House

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Protect Your Bluebirds from Cats, Raccoons and Squirrels with our Bird-Safe® Bluebird House and Pole with Sharp-edged Noel Guard—Proven to Prevent Critters from Reaching into the Nesting Area, So Your Bluebirds are Safe!

As you can see, the bluebirds are busy building their new nest! customer Judy Hulsey shared this photo (featured above) with us on our Facebook bird feeding community page. She wrote in the caption, “Full photo of our little ones enjoying their new home! Thanks Duncraft for making our Bluebirds happy – no predators, not even a squirrel to make the opening larger!”

We’re happy to hear Judy’s bluebirds are safe from predators in our Bird-Safe® Bluebird House and Pole with Noel Guard. According to the creator of the Noel Guard (pronounced NO-uhl Guard) Jim Noel, the Noel Guard “is used to deter raccoons, cats and large birds like hawks from preying on the contents of nestboxes. It is useful for boxes mounted on trees and wooden posts that offer easy access to climbing predators.” In this case, the nesting box is mounted on a pole.

The sharp-edged Noel Guard extends 4-3/4 inches out from the entry hole to prevent critters from reaching the nesting area. Critters simply can’t reach the nest, so your nesting bluebirds are safe. The wire mesh Noel Guard comes packaged inside the birdhouse and installs easily with a long screwdriver. For easy cleanout, remove the entire front panel. First, grasp the entry hole through the Noel Guard, being careful of the sharp edges, then lift the front panel up and out.

Protect your bluebirds from critters. Shop the Bird-Safe® Bluebird House & Pole with Noel Guard at Thank you for sharing the joy of bluebirds with us, Judy. Photo credit by Judy Hulsey. Happy Birding!

Written by Dawn Coutu


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