Tilt-Top Feeder for Cardinals

Photo by Sarah Livingston Schlicht.

Our popular Tilt-Top Feeder has been a customer favorite for over 35 years. Attract cardinals with black oil sunflower seed or safflower seed—and send squirrels sliding safely towards the ground. The instant a squirrel lands on the clearview plastic roof, the roof tilts steeply and off they go! Squirrels can’t climb down or reach around and you won’t waste any seed.

“The feeder is amazing,” said Sarah Livingston Schlicht. “I’ve watched Squirrels go up and down the chain to no avail! All kinds of birds come to it.” Even the bright red male Northern Cardinal, as you can see in Sarah’s photo featured above. The bird seed blend in Sarah’s Tilt-Top Feeder has black oil sunflower seed, safflower seed, peanuts, dried raisins and cherries. Similar to our Super Songbird bird seed mix, both blends feature the most popular seeds preferred by the greatest variety of birds.

The Tilt-Top has been a customer favorite for over 35 years, since it was first introduced in 1979. Our customers love this see-through, squirrel-proof feeder! The roof tilts steeply when a squirrel steps on, sending them slip-sliding towards the ground. The steep angle completely prevents squirrels from accessing the seed. Squirrels can’t reach past the 16 inch diameter roof into the feeding area, so you won’t waste any seed. Now your seed lasts longer for fewer refills. Watch cardinals and other songbirds perch easily on the side of the feeder, while you enjoy great views of your feeding birds. Designed to last season after season, made from durable clearview plastic to provide easy viewing of the seed levels in the basin.

Attract cardinals to your feeder and enjoy easy viewing while they feed. Shop the Duncraft Squirrel-Proof Tilt-Top Feeder at duncraft.com. Thank you for sharing the joy of cardinals with us, Sarah. Photo credit by Sarah Livingston Schlicht. Happy Birding!

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