Top 10 Bird Feeding Articles

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Still learning how to attract birds to your yard? Look no further. Here’s the list of our top 10 articles about feeding birds in your yard, as published right here on the Duncraft Wild Bird Blog. To read, click on the name of each article from the list included immediately below.

  1. Hot Pepper Deters Squirrels
  2. Discouraging Starlings and Grackles
  3. Nesting Shelves for Cardinals
  4. Where Have My Goldfinches Gone
  5. About Indigo Buntings
  6. Why is this Cardinal Flying into My Window, Car Mirror or Car Bumper? 
  7. Fun Ways to Make Your Birdbath Sparkle
  8. 7 Benefits of Dish-Style Hummingbird Feeders with Examples
  9. Follow These Tips to Attract Chickadees to Your Yard
  10. Learn How to Attract Cardinals to Your Yard

What’s your favorite article from this list? Let us know and join the conversation about backyard bird feeding on our Facebook page. Thank you. Happy Birding!

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