Ricky Montgomery’s Suet

Attract orioles to your yard with grape jelly and oranges.

This article contains variations for Paulette’s Super Gourmet Suet Recipe, as originally featured on Ricky Montgomery’s Wildlife page on Facebook – now you can customize your own suet recipe at home and attract more birds to your feeder

We asked our bird feeding enthusiasts on social media what suet recipe they make at home.

Jennifer Eastridge Smith, who is a Facebook fan of ours and a member of our Duncraft Wild Bird Feeding Community group, said, “It’s not actually MY recipe – although I do make it my own, but I got it from the wife of a bird lover I follow – it’s published on their page.” She is, of course, talking about the suet made by Ricky Montgomery’s wife, Paulette.

Here’s the link to the original Paulette’s Super Gourmet Suet Recipe on our Wild Bird Blog, so you can make your own version of this popular suet recipe at home. 

Variations on Ricky Montgomery’s Wildlife Super Gourmet Suet Recipe

“I add mealworms and whatever else I have,” said Jennifer, “like dried cranberries and egg shells and different kinds of birdseed.” 

“All the birds love it. Carolina wrens, chickadees, the warblers, downys, but the most interesting has been the Baltimore orioles and the eastern phoebes.” Jennifer Eastridge Smith lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

When asked how she makes the suet, Jennifer said, “I use a 9 x 13 cake pan, pour the mixture in and pop in the freezer until nice and solid, and slice it into six squares about the size of a store-bought suet cake. Then I wrap each one individually in plastic wrap and store in the freezer in a gallon size freezer bag until needed.”

Jennifer also shared a few of her bird photos with us. “Here’s some pictures of the orioles I had during some winter weather.”

Photo by Jennifer Eastridge Smith

This is a female Baltimore Oriole in Jennifer’s yard.

Oriole on deck railing Photo by Jennifer Eastridge Smith.

This is the female Baltimore Oriole perched on the deck railing.

Photo by Jennifer Eastridge Smith

This is a Black and White Warbler. Yes, I believe that is my suet [the warbler’s] eating,” said Jennifer Eastridge Smith. 

Photo by Jennifer Eastridge Smith

This is the female Baltimore Oriole perched at the birdbath. Notice the circular shape in the center, that’s the birdbath heater that keeps the water ice-free during the cold winter months. Photo credit by Jennifer Eastridge Smith.

Thank you for sharing your variations of Ricky Montgomery’s Wildlife suet recipe with us, Jennifer. We’re glad to hear your birds like the suet, too. Until next time, Happy Birding! 

Written by Dawn Coutu

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