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Your mom deserves the best. In honor and celebration of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12, we’ve gathered our Top 10 bestselling bird feeding items in one place.

Invite your mom to put her feet up for a little while and watch the birds in her yard. Listening to the birds singing and watching them splash in her birdbath is a relaxing way for her to spend the day!

PRO TIP: Attract more birds to your birdbath and shop item #10 on our list.

There are less than two weeks left until Mother’s Day. Show her how much you care and shop our Top 10 bestselling bird feeding gifts and more — perfect for beginner to advanced bird enthusiasts and nature lovers. Take care and happy birding!


Shop our Garden Glory Birdbath at  Pretty bird bath for your garden

Garden Glory Bird Bath

(2 reviews)

Watch your birds splash and refresh themselves in style! This beautiful garden art bird bath features charming, full color illustrations by Susan Winget on all four sides. Features the words “Garden Glory” written among rosy morning glories.

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Shop our Grandview Platform Feeder at  Watch more birds perch and feed from four sides

Grandview Platform Feeding Station

Our premium platform feeder is great for attracting more birds, while filling your feeder less often. For easy viewing of your birds from all four sides.

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Shop our Bird-Safe Bluebird House with Noel Guard at  Safeguard your bluebirds

Bird-Safe® Bluebird House & Pole with Noel Guard

(2 reviews)

Bluebirds stay safe inside this birdhouse. Features the proven, sharp-edged Noel Guard and restricts critters, including cats, raccoons and squirrels.

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Shop our Four Arm Flower Basket Pole at  All-in-one station holds flowers and feeders

Four Arm Heavy Duty Pole & Flower Basket

Customize your own stable, heavy duty bird feeding and flower station. This kit includes: the 12 inch flower pot holder, four 12 inch arm hangers, the heavy duty sectional pole and 20 inch twister ground auger.

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Shop our Sheltered Suet Shield Blocker at  Suet cakes last 6x longer, so you spend less

Sheltered Suet Shield Blocker

Attract birds, while saving on suet. Features our exclusive stainless steel Suet Shield Insert to prevent suet “gorging” from larger birds and squirrels.

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Shop our Open Air Ground Platform Feeder at  Get ready for years of bird watching pleasure

Open Air Ground Platform Feeder

Our platform feeder provides the best view of your birds at the ground feeding level. The raised metal perches, in each corner, allow your birds to perch where you can see and enjoy them.

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Shop our Hummble Garden Stake Hummingbird Feeder at  Attract hummingbirds with their own feeder

Hummingbird Feeder & Garden Stake

Attract hummingbirds with our popular red sphere hummingbird feeder—now with its own decorative garden stake. Add several to your garden, flower pot or planter and attract more hummingbirds!

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Shop our Grandview Double Hopper with Two Suet Cages at  Attract more birds with two seeds and suet, too

Grandview Double Hopper with Suet Cages

Attract a wide variety of perching and clinging birds. Watch cardinals perch and feed from the two seed trays, while woodpeckers cling and feed on suet.

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Shop our Chateau Squirrel-Resistant Feeder at  Attract birds and fill your feeder less often

Chateau Squirrel-Resistant Feeder

Watch only small birds perch and feed from both sides of this charming “chateau” feeder. The second a squirrel lands to eat, the weight-activated perch drops down to block off access to the seed.

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Shop our Aquanura Solar Birdbath Insert at Instantly transform your birdbath into a solar water fountain!

Aquanura Solar Birdbath Insert

Enjoy the soothing sound of water and watch your birds splash, play and preen. Since the sound of moving water attracts more birds, this solar powered fountain insert boosts the popularity of your birdbath!

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Shop thousands of backyard bird feeding items, including hummingbird feeders, decorative birdbaths and birdbath accessories today at Happy Mother’s Day!

With love,

The Duncraft Family

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