Unusual Bluebird Behavior

Discover why bluebirds "thwap" against your window during springtime.

Why is this bluebird flying back and forth and “thwapping” against my window?

Learn about this seemingly unusual bluebird behavior and why it’s happening. Kim Canning Smith recently shared the following two bluebird videos with us on our Facebook page, see videos included below on the Duncraft Wild Bird Blog.

“Anyone know why this bluebird is acting like this in the video?”she asked. “It keeps coming to my window clinging to the screen and bumping into the glass. It appears to be able to fly just fine.”

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Why does this bluebird keep flying back and forth? 

In response to Kim’s question, we’ve included an excerpt below from fellow bluebird enthusiast Cher Layton in New York and included three of her most relevant observations to provide possible answers to this seemingly unusual behavior.

“The female of the Bluebird couple that have nested in my backyard boxes for the past three years,” said Cher Layton, “has the habit of coming to my windows in the back of the house and fluttering up against them – not hard enough to hurt herself, but hard enough to make a pretty distinct “thwapping” noise.”

Possible causes of this behavior, according to Cher Layton’s observations:

  • “[The female bluebird] has often come thwapping at the window after laying the first egg in a clutch.”
  • “She almost universally comes thwapping, almost frantically, when the eggs begin to hatch, and with each subsequent egg that hatches in the clutch, she comes again.”
  • “She will come thwapping when it’s time for fledging, especially if there are other birds in the yard that are too curious.

Watch the following two videos to see the bluebirds “thwapping” for yourself:











When seeing bluebirds “thwapping” at your window for the first time

After learning of Cher Layton’s similar experience with this bluebird behavior, as mentioned above, Kim replied, “This makes sense! I have had bluebirds nesting in my backyard for a couple of years but have never experienced this type of behavior by them before.”

Later, Kim added, “I have noticed the past couple of weeks that a pair of bluebirds have been scoping out our birdhouses but I do not know if they have chosen any of them yet. They usually nest during the spring and again in the summer.

“I always have mealworms available year round as I enjoy their presence so much but can honestly say I’ve never noticed this behavior before. Bluebirds are my most favorite bird to watch.”

Learn more about bluebird “thwapping” behavior at Sialis.org

Read more about the possible reasons for bluebirds “thwapping” at your window at the bluebird website Sialis.org.

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