The Birds are So Quiet

The birds are so quiet right now.

We’re approaching the end of summer and we keep getting calls from people wondering, Is it still okay to feed the birds, even though everything’s quiet and I’m not seeing as many birds at my feeders? Yes, it’s okay to keep feeding your birds over the summer.

Although, with fewer birds at your feeders, you may choose to spend your time a little differently. For example, instead of watching the birds at your feeder throughout the day, make the most of your downtime.

Give your feeders a good scrubbing about once a week, or as often as time allows.

Instead of filling your feeders full, you may find it more economical to fill your feeders only halfway for now so you waste less seed. At least until more birds start coming to your feeder.

You may also choose to add a birdbath to your yard. If you already have a birdbath, give it a good cleaning with a bristled brush.

Offering water attracts more birds throughout the year and attracts a greater amount of wildlife to your yard. Plus, once birds know there’s water available in your yard, they’re more likely to visit your yard when they’re in the area again.

By taking the time to clean your feeders and provide water for any passing birds to splash, play and preen, you’re establishing an attractive habitat. An attractive habitat with food, water and shelter increases your chances of attracting birds – whether you’re new to attracting birds or have been feeding the birds for years.

Before you know it, the birds will be back at your feeders. Once they return, they’ll want to eat from a clean feeder, just like you would prefer to eat from a clean plate.

What are you going to do differently in the next few months to attract birds to your yard? Let us know on our Facebook page. In the meantime, Happy Birding!

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