Top 10 Bird Feeders for Fall

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As it began in 1952, Duncraft continues to be the primary source for new ideas in the bird feeding industry giving bird lovers years of bird feeding enjoyment, success and satisfaction.

Backyard Birding and the Top 10 Products for Fall

The weather’s getting cooler now and hummingbirds have started to migrate back south to spend the winter in warmer climates with abundant food sources. 

Why wait to attract more bird activity to your yard? There’s no need to wait until migration is over. Start attracting more birds now by adding a new feeder or switching out the one you have with a feeder that keeps gray squirrels out, for good. 

With our list of the Top 10 Products for Fall, you won’t waste money or have to keep guessing which feeders will work the first time and get the job done. Besides, many of our feeders have a high seed capacity, so you won’t have to go outside and fill them all the time. 

Here’s your easy reference guide to the Top 10 Backyard Birding Products for Fall, including our most popular bird feeders for cool weather and our #1 no-waste bird seed. Perfect for attracting more birds to your yard!

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Here they are, the tried and true favorites preferred by our customers. These are the feeders that have proven themselves time and again. Without further ado…

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Shop the Top 10 Products for Fall - the Squirrel Stopper System, Bronze at 100% squirrel- and critter-proof

Squirrel Stopper System, Bronze

A bestseller for good reason! This pole is built around an ingenious squirrel-stopping baffle—no grabbing onto it, no climbing past it—the built-in sleeve rocks and moves up and down, no fun for squirrels.


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Shop the Top 10 Products for Fall - the Brome Squirrel Buster Plus at  Squirrel Buster Plus, our #1 bestselling bird feeder

Brome Squirrel Buster Plus

“Perfect for Colorado high country! With a weather guard we have dry seed & happy birds year round. Absolutely squirrel proof!” Merle, Nederland, CO

(27 reviews)

Keep larger birds and squirrels, both red and gray, from “hogging” your bird seed! The Squirrel Buster’s adjustable, weight-sensitive metal skirt drops down with the weight of a squirrel or large bird—the six seed ports are closed off instantly.

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Shop the Top 10 Products for Fall - the 188G Duncraft Metal Selective at Our caged feeder keeps out gray squirrels and large birds

Duncraft Metal Selective, available exclusively at Duncraft

“I’ve had this feeder for over 5 years and use it year-round. It’s the perfect diameter for small birds, giving them enough room to hop around inside. It’s very sturdy and the squirrels have given up trying to access the seed.” — Lee, Ringwood, NJ

(6 reviews)

Discourage gray squirrels and larger birds from reaching the seed in the ports. Our 10-1/2 inch diameter roof keeps the seed dry for fewer refills. Watch smaller birds enter the 1-1/2 inch fly-through openings to feed.

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Shop the Top 10 Products for Fall - the 7527 Original Absolute Bird Feeder at Our customers swear by this proven bestseller!

Original Absolute Bird Feeder

“I have had one for over 20 years. Need I say more.” — Stashu, Raleigh, NC

(10 reviews)

Based on years of positive feedback, customers prefer this squirrel-resistant, metal feeder for standing strong in the face of squirrels. The weight-activated perch shuts off the seed supply at the touch of a squirrel’s weight.

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Shop the Top 10 Products for Fall - the 3010 Duncraft Eco-Strong Tail Prop Suet Feeder today at Attract woodpeckers of all sizes

Duncraft Eco-Strong Tail Prop Suet Feeder, available exclusively at Duncraft

“Our feeder has been up for a few months. At first we got only small clinging birds and downy woodpeckers. Now a gorgeous pileated woodpecker visits at least twice/day.” — Birdwatchers in Western N.C.

(5 reviews)

Become one of the fortunate few who attract Pileated Woodpeckers to feed in their backyard. Watch woodpeckers cling to the wire mesh and feed from both sides, while using the tail rest for stability.

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Shop the Top 10 Products for Fall - the 4781 Duncraft Open Air Ground Platform Feeder today at Get ready for years of bird watching pleasure

Open Air Ground Platform Feeder, available exclusively at Duncraft

Our platform feeder provides the best view of your birds at the ground feeding level. The raised metal perches, in each corner, allow your birds to perch where you can see and enjoy them.


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Shop the Top 10 Products for Fall - the 4688 Duncraft Hexagon Gazebo with Clear Roof today at The perfect fly-through feeder!

Duncraft Hexagon Gazebo with Clear Roof, available exclusively at Duncraft

“I have two of them hanging from the roof of my porch. They are easy to clean and fill and attract many varieties of birds throughout the year. I only need to fill once per week or more as they hold a lot of seeds.” — Mar, MN

(2 reviews)

Watch all kinds of birds parade through this hanging Gazebo! This level bird feeding platform keeps your seed nice and dry, even if it’s raining, because moisture drains right through the metal mesh flooring.

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Shop the Top 10 Products for Fall - the 4745 Duncraft Grandview Double Hopper with Suet Cages today at Attract more birds with two seeds and suet, too

Grandview Double Hopper with Suet Cages, available exclusively at Duncraft

Attract a wide variety of perching and clinging birds. Watch cardinals perch and feed from the two seed trays, while woodpeckers cling and feed on suet.



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Shop the Top 10 Products for Fall - the 360 Sky Cafe Feeder today at Watch squirrels land from above and slide right off

Sky Cafe Feeder

“I studied this item carefully and eventually bought it and could not be happier. It replaced my feeder with a spring loaded squirrel mechanism. Yes – the squirrels do slide off and then learn to avoid. The birds eat the bulk of the food since the food gets caught in the tray and there is little spillage to the ground so I am really saving on the cost of seed. The poor squirrels only get a small fraction of the food, namely what falls to the floor from “messy” birds.” — MGM, Cupertino, CA

(22 reviews)

When squirrels approach the Sky Café from above, there’s no place for them to hang on—they land, then slide right off the baffle. The hopper holds up to 10 lbs. of seed, so you’re not constantly refilling.

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Shop the Top 10 Products for Fall - the 1005 Duncraft Super No-Waste Blend Wild Bird Seed, 5-lb bag today at Feed your birds and eliminate any clean-up

Duncraft Super No-Waste Blend Wild Bird Seed, available exclusively at Duncraft

“Birds like this best among our seed offerings.” — Peg, Eastsound, WA

(1 review)

Attract more birds, without any waste. Our bestselling No-Waste Blend provides you with the greatest value per pound. Eliminates clean-up and contains our popular hulled bird seed with peanut bits, whole sunflower hearts, cracked corn and Nyjer seed.

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Take care and Happy Birding!

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