Top 19 Articles of 2019

American Goldfinch perched on a tree branch

Discover Our Top 19 of 2019 Backyard Bird Feeding Articles

While we could’ve easily put together a Top 10 list of our most popular bird feeding articles, we decided to take it a step further and share our Top 19 most valuable articles with you.

This way, you have all of the links for the topics you care about most, right at your fingertips, including where to place your bluebird house, how to make your own hummingbird nectar, how to attract orioles, among other topics as you’ll see below.

Each piece of writing on this blog is written with the purpose to help you attract more birds to your yard. In the spirit of the new year, and with a love for backyard birds, let this be your year.

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Browse Our Top 19 of 2019 Backyard Bird Feeding Articles:

  1. Why Birds Fly into Windows

  2. Where Have My Goldfinches Gone

  3. On Feeding Grape Jelly

  4. Hot Pepper Deters Squirrels

  5. Aggressive Birds at Feeders

  6. Best Place for a Bluebird House

  7. Curb Hummingbird Aggression

  8. About Indigo Buntings

  9. Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

  10. About Painted Buntings

  11. Nesting Shelves for Cardinals

  12. Bluebird House Maintenance

  13. Make Your Own Oriole Nectar

  14. Robins in Winter

  15. Birds and Weather Predictions

  16. Leak-proof Nectar Feeders

  17. Feed Fruit and Berries

  18. Attract Flickers

  19. Attracting Orioles

Thank you and Happy Birding! Browse our other Top 10 bird feeding articles for your reading pleasure.

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