Turn Social Distancing Into Social Birding

“I don’t feed birds because they need me, I feed the birds because I need them.” – Kathi Hutton

When we count the many things that bring pleasure to our lives, those of us who love backyard bird feeding would put watching birds at our feeders near the top of that list. There is a simple joy that comes from seeing our feeders fill up with bright yellow goldfinches flitting merrily from feeder to feeder. There is a thrill that comes from seeing a mama bluebird peek out from a newly mounted bluebird house, and watching her brilliant blue mate land on a nearby bluebird feeder to pluck a mealworm to bring back to their recently hatched young brings us a quiet excitement.

Spring is such a busy time for backyard birders as we go about the tasks of cleaning out old feeders, offering new feeders and seed, mounting birdhouses, setting out birdbaths, and then waiting with anticipation for our favorite returning species. For many, the bluebirds, the orioles, and the hummingbirds are among the most eagerly awaited of all of the spring birds, making their arrival the highlight of the spring season. Whether you are new to bird feeding or have been feeding birds for years, there are a few tips to get your backyard feeding station up and running for spring feeding:

  • Choose a basic setup. At minimum, you can offer all birds black oil sunflower seed in a basic feeder, such as our Duncraft Original Tube Feeder. If squirrels are an issue, you could choose our popular Duncraft Squirrel Blocker Feeder instead. We like offering Nyjer seed alongside of the black oil for an extra treat for the finches, and our Duncraft Classic Nyjer Tube Feeder is a good choice for this. Finally, you might want to offer suet for the woodpeckers, as they are a welcome sight at feeders. We have many great suet feeders to choose from, from a simple suet cage to our deluxe Duncraft Quadruple Sheltered Suet Feeder!
  • Offer a bird bath: Birds love and need water for drinking and for grooming. Watching the birds dive bomb and frolic in a bath enhances the joy of watching birds. You may even spy species that don’t readily come to your feeders. We offer many bird baths on Duncraft.com, including all-season and heated bird baths for the winter.
  • Put up birdhouses. Even if it’s late in the season for your area, it’s never too late to put up a house…many species of birds have more than one brood. And if you missed the nesting season, the birds will be scouting out a site for next year!
  • Branch out! After you have taken care of the basics, there are so many other options. Attract bluebirds with meal worm feeders. Put up bat boxes. Put up a platform feeder to attract the largest variety of birds. The options are plentiful. Go to Duncraft.com and let your imagination go wild!
  • Finally, get ready for the hummingbirds and the orioles to arrive.

Happy birding!

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