Nancy Schofield’s Bio

Nancy's Bio Photo for Wild Bird BlogNancy Schofield is a customer service associate at Duncraft Wild Bird Superstore and a backyard birding enthusiast.

Her interest in observing and feeding birds began at Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology and has carried over to activities that include watching migratory birds from Cape May, NJ and feeding birds here in her own backyard in Concord, NH.

She enjoys helping first-time birders pick the right feeder and seed to attract the birds they are hoping to entice to their yard, and she loves problem solving…particularly when it comes to dealing with squirrels or discouraging grackles!

“Working at Duncraft gives me the opportunity to interact with fellow birders and join the Duncraft family of employees in our mission to equip backyard birders with a great product, great customer service and the knowledge they need to make bird feeding fun and successful.”

In her spare time, Nancy studies philosophy, reads extensively, writes creative non-fiction, studies historic architecture, loves road trips and primitive camping, and is known for her good cooking.

Nancy Schofield
Retail Store Customer Service Associate
Duncraft | Wild Bird Superstore