Bird Housing

  • Learn why "air conditioned" birdhouses are wonderful for birds.
    Bird Housing

    Air Conditioned Birdhouses

    When you’re looking for the perfect gift for the backyard birder who lives in a warm climate, look no further. Our “air conditioned” birdhouses are here! These birdhouses are cool–okay, “air conditioned”–because the color white, by its very nature,…

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    Bird Housing

    Help Nesting Birds

    It’s March and already the chirps of winter birds have changed to songs that attract mates and define territories.  Soon the migratory birds will be arriving to join them and beginning their yearly nesting ritual. Back…

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    Bird Housing

    Bringing the Outside In

    The Duncraft line of bird feeders began in 1952 with Gil Dunn’s invention of the Flight Deck Windowsill Feeding Station. People liked this innovative way of bringing the birds in closer, and the company grew. Sixty…

  • Invite hummingbirds to nest nearby and raise their babies!
    Bird Housing

    Invite Nesting Hummingbirds

    So tiny and secretive during nesting season, a hummingbird building a nest and raising chicks is something most people never see. However, Duncraft’s Hummingbird Nester and nesting materials may attract hummingbirds to backyards where all the activity can…

  • Shop for Sparrow-Resistant birdhouses.
    Bird Housing

    Discourage House Sparrows

    Nothing is more discouraging to bird lovers, especially bluebird lovers, than repeatedly having to remove non-native House Sparrow nests from their bluebird nesting boxes. Now, Duncraft introduces the new Sparrow-Resistant Bird House that deters House Sparrows,…

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    Bird Housing

    Convert Your Nesting Box

    Winter roosting boxes are essential to help birds survive cold weather. Cold winter wind saps energy and warmth from birds, especially at night. Birds are able to lower their body temperature to conserve calories at night,…

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    Bird Housing

    Hummingbird House

    How do you get a hummingbird to nest in your yard? Most of the time, hummingbirds nest in secluded bushes or trees and unless you’re in the right place at the right time, your chances of…

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    Bird Housing

    Monitoring Bluebird Houses

    You’ve set up your bluebird houses for the season and you’re all set to just sit back and enjoy the birds that will inevitably settle in – right? Wrong, unfortunately, because if you leave your bluebird…

  • Learn what to look for before buying a birdhouse.
    Bird Housing

    Before Buying a Birdhouse

    Duncraft’s Guide to Bird Houses Before You Buy a Bird House When you decide to buy a bird house be aware that there are many designs being sold that are unsuitable for the birds. These houses…