• Provide food, water and shelter for molting birds.

    What are “Molting” Birds?

    Birds molt all their feathers at least once a year. “As the seasons change, so do birds’ feathers,” according to Audubon. “One of the most defining features of a bird is its plumage. But as complex and capable as…

  • Insect shelter mounted on a wall near the garden.

    Mason Bee House Maintenance

    “The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.” — Elizabeth Lawrence Caring for your Mason Bees is easy. There are no special tools required. Depending on how many Mason Bees you have, maintenance only…

  • Solitary bee hotel installed on an apple tree.

    How to Choose a Mason Bee House

    “The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.” — Elizabeth Lawrence Early to rise, early to pollinate…our native Mason Bees rely on the warmth of the sun to increase their body temperature before starting…

  • Mason Bees use clay or mud to seal off their nesting tubes and protect the hibernating bees.

    Making Mud for Mason Bees

    “It was such a pleasure to sink one’s hands into the warm earth, to feel at one’s fingertips the possibilities of the new season.” — Kate Morton There’s a reason Mason Bees have “Mason” in their…

  • Orchard Mason Bee pollinating a flower.

    Benefits of Mason Bees

    “For bees, the flower is the fountain of life. For flowers, the bee is the messenger of love.” — Kahlil Gibran Honeybees are considered “pollen gatherers.” A different type of species and native to North America,…

  • Bee perched on a flower.

    The Life of the Mason Bee

    “Collaboration is the essence of life. The wind, bees and flowers work together, to spread the pollen.” ― Amit Ray The life of the solitary Mason Bee is relatively short-lived. “Solitary bees generally live for about…

  • Shop to attract more birds to your yard.

    Weeds…Good for Birds?

    Weeds are commonly thought of as more or less the bane of gardeners’ existence. They crowd out the plants you want to see, steal vital food and water from those plants, and take much time and…

  • Male American Goldfinch in winter plumage

    How to Spot Migration

    When the temperature cools off, there’s often a sudden influx of bird activity. This is what fall migration looks like to the trained eye. While many birds flock toward the equator to spend the winter months…

  • Read about this eagle scout's project creating an Eastern Bluebird trail!

    Eagle Scout Project

    A few months ago we were contacted by an amazing young man with a well-developed plan for an Eagle Scout Project. We were delighted by the opportunity to participate in his project, and we hope you’ll enjoy…